Our Treatments

Hot Stone Masaage


 Hot Stone massage combines different massage techniques with stones that are pre heated in water to a temperature of 50 – 65 degrees Celsius. We use smooth river stones made of basalt, glide them across the body while massaging different areas. We position the stones on specific points to allow the heat to gradually penetrate different tissues.
The benefits you receive from this kind of treatment are varied and instant. It’s effective at reducing stress and anxiety, pain relief, muscle relaxation, regulates metabolism and improves blood circulation. Also massaging and placing the stones on certain areas help every cell in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients and stimulates the lymphatic system, thus encouraging a more effective removal of toxins.
If your muscles are especially tight and painful, this extra treatment can make a positive difference in your massage therapy results.
The sensation of the warmth and smoothness of the stones combined with the massage oil is advantageous and pleasurable.  

Underwater Relaxation Massage


Want to reconnect and rejuvenate your energy? Relax and get rid of any muscle tightness? Want to get into a peaceful zone which you can truly “Let Go?”
Sometimes you just want to stop and have a moment for yourself where you can dive deep to your feelings, thoughts and ideas. Sometimes you just want to forget and not worry about anything, your duties, concerns or issues. During this unique treatment where you are submerged in shallow warm water, you experience a feeling of complete ease.
Come and experience the sensation of breathing again in a water environment. Listen to some soothing music while enjoying this special massage treatment. 

Back to Birth offers you a totally different experience that has multiple layers of physical and psychological benefits with effects beyond the experience of any other massage.
Book your first Underwater Relaxation Massage treatment now to experience something you cannot find elsewhere in the world! 

Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue massage is a particular sort of massage treatment that focuses on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. By applying deep finger pressure and moderate, firm strokes, deep tissue massage is utilized to treat a variety of physical ailments.
Every massage you experience will involve massaging your superficial muscles as they are the closest to the surface. During and after a Deep Tissue massage treatment you may feel a bit of discomfort or slight soreness the next day, but the benefits you gain from this particular treatment are worth it all!
In our lives we can spend hours on the phone, in the driving seat or in front of the computer. Therefore, our muscles are short of contractions that eventually cause muscle “knots”, which reduce blood circulation, cause pain, decrease mobility and enhance inflammation.
Come for a firm Deep Tissue massage treatment and break up these "knots", expel the tightness and pain in your muscles and relieve your body from any stress and tension you may feel. 

Relaxation Massage


Relaxation Massage is a whole body oil-based style of massage therapy that involves long, smooth strokes, kneading, tapping, and percussive techniques. Similar to Swedish massage, the primary purpose is to help you relax, gently move at a slow place over your superficial muscles and use light pressure to unwind from a stressful day and encourage overall relaxation.
The relaxation massage technique is going to open the blood vessels and help the blood flow more freely through the body. Getting it to where it needs to go faster.
If you would like to increase energy levels, improve range of motion, relieve minor muscle pain and improve overall physical and mental performance, come and enjoy this soothing treatment now. It’s a great choice if you have never experienced a massage treatment before or just want to chill out, de-stress and just be spoiled. 



If I were to ask you, what part of your body is the most unrewarding? Your feet would likely rank high on the list if not at the very top. Which begs the question – when was the last time your feet were pampered?
Reflexology is a unique therapy which includes massaging and applying manipulative pressure on the feet and so stimulating the central nervous system in quite precise ways. During this treatment we target specific reflex points we all have on our feet, which correspond to functions carried out by other parts and organs in the human body.
Due to our extensive day to day lives, we build up a kind of trapped energy of emotional stress and unwellness. Reflexology release this imprisoned energy and enable energy to flow more freely through relaxation.
The aim is to restore the body’s natural balance by promoting self healing and creating an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. 

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis


Under our foot we have multiple layers of muscles that connect different parts of our feet to the lower leg bones. These muscles are constantly “on duty” and sometimes cannot bear the pressure and haven’t got enough time to heal properly. Due to this reason, the Plantar Aponeurosis (fibrous connective tissue) covering the muscle under the arch which runs along the sole from the heel to the ball of the feet becomes inflamed and irritated (Plantar Fasciitis injury). Thus cause pain in the heel and arch that tends to be worse with the first few steps after awakening.
There are currently 80,000 people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in Australia.
Back to Birth offers a special treatment that will help you recover from this ongoing ailment in a natural way with no medication involved. We use HACI Suction Magnetic Cupping, to pull the body tissues out and away to stimulate them with a reverse massage.
These suction acupressure bulbs individually squeeze to create the partial vacuum inside the cup, combined with micro positive and negative magnetic plates inside them, the inflamed area of the plantar facia will trigger and start spreading.
This 30 min session works and mobilizes around the injury site.
If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and cannot get rid of it, this treatment is perfect for you. It does not hurt and does not require a lot of your time. This ancient Chinese therapy works!