What is Underwater Relaxation Massage


As humans we are connected to an aquatic environment. We start our lives as a foetus, floating in warm water, in the safety of the womb.

Have you ever thought about going back to this experience? This unique treatment will give you the chance to leave the regular outside world which can be very overwhelming, unnatural and so fast paced that people sometimes feel they cannot keep up.

Want to reconnect and rejuvenate your energy? Relax and get rid of any muscle tightness? Want to get into a peaceful zone where you can truly “Let Go?”

Come and be submerged in warm water, breath as you did coming into this world and enjoy a hydro massage experience that you cannot find elsewhere in the world.

BackToBirth offers you a one-on-one treatment with our qualified Underwater Relaxation Therapist who guides you throughout the whole session. You will be submerged in warm water, listen to soothing ambient music and be massaged while breathing effortlessly in shallow water. Your mind will shift to a place where time is no longer a factor or concern. This is a totally different experience that has multiple layers of physical and psychological benefits with effects beyond the experience of any other massage.

BackToBirth can help anyone. It is a very special treatment which you can drift away, unwind and be relieved from any muscle spasm and tightness. Our therapist will identify and dismiss any pain or stress u may feel and ultimately make you feel and function better.

Situated in Cairn’s Woree Sports & Aquatic Centre, our heated pool delivers high quality treatments. We focus on your comfort and strive to make you feel relaxed from the moment you enter the water. You are provided a full consultation with our professional therapist prior to each session so we can focus on your goals and establish the best treatment plan for you.


Who am I ?

My name is Tamir Alford and I'm the founder of Underwater Relaxation Massage Therapy, and this is how BackToBirth originated :)

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Benefits of Underwater Relaxation Massage

There are many studies which say how breathing can affect relaxation. There are several different activities and meditations such as yoga, free diving, vipassana etc. that show how breathing has a direct relationship to our mood, O2 levels, concentration, thoughts, actions and the sensations we can get throughout our human body.  

There are many studies that show how different massage techniques can influence the body muscles. As this treatment takes place in a hydro environment, the Swedish technique is the most similar. It is based on western anatomy and physiology and provides full body relaxation.
And there are also studies which prove how warm water enhances blood circulation and recovery, relaxes muscles spasms and provides 360° support for the body’s joints and muscles.  

During an Underwater Relaxation treatment you will enjoy the three elements we believe in that will bring you to a level of calmness and relaxation that is hard to reach in other places. These elements are Massage, Warm water & Underwater Breathing.

- The touch of massage in the water is comforting and reassuring. When your body is submerged, not only your muscles get rid of any resistance, but your joints as well enjoy this 360˚ support from the water environment.

- The warm temperature of the water will help loosen up your muscles and relieve any tension and stress.

- There is something very special and reconnecting with spending time in a watery environment and being able to breathe effortlessly. We all have been in that environment before and there is no reason why we cannot experience it again. Underwater Breathing is the third element which completes this unique method and takes the massage treatment to a different level.
Therefore, by combining these three elements together, you will receive multiple layers of physical and psychological benefits with effects that you had not yet experienced after any other massage.

Anyone benefits from Underwater Relaxation Massage. This method is effective for treating long lasting pain. It helps loosen tense muscles and stimulates metabolic and digestion activity. The warm water hydrates the body cells and boosts the immune system. This treatment relieves the body of gravity’s effects, so you feel completely weightless. The movement of the water stimulates the skin’s touch receptors, then blood circulation is enhanced and muscles tightness is released.

While listening to nice soothing music with our special breathing equipment, you will be able to easily breathe in water again and lose any sense of time and place. You will enjoy a shift towards prolonged peace and restfulness that will linger throughout after the session. It is a treatment which offers so much in one.   

Come and experience not only the sensation of total body immersion and the relaxation associated with breathing under water but the feeling of being able to leave the world of sound and air behind and coming BackToBirth

About tamir alford

I live in Cairns city in Far North Queensland. The ocean has been my home ever since I remember. It was its astonishing eco-system that brought me to decide to become a diving instructor. I wanted to show and teach others about the wonders of the ocean. Over the last 5 years I have spent thousands of hours beneath the water. I learned a lot not only about its marine life but also about the human body and what it gains from that full immersion in a hydro environment.

Being a very active person, playing sports and participating in triathlons since childhood, I grew interested in the human machine and how it works. Therefore, I decided to study the massage world and started working in the field.

After all this time underwater as a diving instructor and spending years working as a masseur, my idea of underwater therapy has derived. I wanted to give people the opportunity to feel how being submerged in water has tremendous effects on the mind and body.

I discovered that when you combine the elements of underwater breathing, warm water and massage together you can access a state of concentration which is hard to reach due to our day-to-day-lives.
My blend of calming music, the 360° support offered by our natural buoyancy in water and relaxing massage techniques, creates an environment that greatly benefits our ability to reduce anxiety and tension from the muscles.

My goal is to have people grow aware and introduce them to this unique method of therapy. It is a natural and beautiful way for them to better function and relax the mind. I am passionate about the massage world, and the underwater world. The time to link both fields together has arrived. I am humbled and excited every single time a new client comes in to experience the BacktoBirth method!